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KAN Engineering is a leading engineering service provider in the simulation domain. We provide end-to-end solutions and services for advanced automotive simulation engineering technologies. KAN Engineering is a fast-growing start-up founded in 2018 by Dr Amir Soltani (a former lecturer of Cranfield University, with more than 27 years of experience working in both industries and academia. The focus of which being cutting edge automotive research and development).

We are a team of world-class experts within advanced automotive simulation tools and techniques, with a track record of being successfully involved in more than 70 multi-disciplinary development projects. We are a Cranfield Barclays Eagle Lab member, an innovation centre jointly supported by Barclays Bank and Cranfield University. KAN is recognised by Zenzic as a "CAM Creator" within the CAM Testbed UK Roadmap to 2030.

Our team thrive on pushing the boundaries of simulation technologies as one of the key enablers toward the development of advanced automotive products. We are adept in using the latest simulation tools and techniques for the design, test, and validation of advanced automotive products and systems, including (but not limited to): Chassis Control Systems, Hybrid and Electric Vehicles, ADAS and CAV (Connected and Autonomous Vehicles).

We have developed and implemented several innovative simulation environments, simulators and HiL rigs for various academic and industrial organisations, including Cranfield University, City, University of London, Millbrook Proving Ground, Zenic and other automotive companies.

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Our Vision Our vision is to be recognised as pioneers in the provision of advanced engineering services and products for automotive and transportation industries.

We will achieve this vision by providing real value to our customers through our professional services and products. These will be carefully tailored to meet our customers’ requirements and will be delivered at a fair and reasonable cost and time.

Our people are at the heart of our business and are committed to continuous innovation and excellence. Our team members have substantial experience within their field and is passionate about providing the best service to our customers.



We have substantial knowledge and experience gained from long term contributions in many multi-disciplinary technology development projects.

Full Vehicle Simulator HiL Rig for ADAS Applications


Full Vehicle Simulator HiL Rig for ADAS Applications

With Real-Time Steering Feedback and ADAS Sensors-in-the-Loop.

Integrated with a Wide Range of Software including IPG CarMaker, VI-Grade, rFpro, SCANeR, Aimsun, SUMO, Claytex, Concurrent HW (iHAWK) and SW (SimWB), ...

ADAS Camera HiL

ADAS Camera HiL

ADAS Camera in the Loop, Integrated with rFpro Simulation Software, NVIDIA GPU and SDK, and FLIR Automotive Grade Camera.

For Developments, Test and Validation of a wide range of AI, and Perception Algorithms in a Reproducible, Realistic Simulated Environment. 

Integrated Simulation Environment for Autonomous Vehicle Applications

Integrated Simulation Environment for Autonomous Vehicle Applications

A Comprehensive Real-Time Simulation Environment for Development, Test and Validation of a wide range of ADAS & CAV Control and Perception Algorithms. 

HEV HiL Rig and Rapid Control Prototyping Platform

HEV HiL Rig and Rapid Control Prototyping Platform

With Automotive Grade 4x100KW Electric Motors and Drives, Electric Power Steering, Brake-by-Wire and 30KW Regenerative Battery Simulator, IPG CarMaker for Real-Time Vehicle Dynamics and Driver-in-the-Loop, dSPACE Simulator and MABx.

Integrated Chassis Control HiL Rig and RCP Platform


Integrated Chassis Control HiL Rig and RCP Platform

With Automotive Grade Electric Power Steering and Brake-by-wire Actuators, IPG CarMaker for Real-Time Vehicle Dynamics and Driver-in-the-Loop, dSPACE Simulator and MABx.

Test rig for Domestic Micro Gas Turbine CHP


Test rig for Domestic Micro Gas Turbine CHP

Design and Development of Control System and the HiL Test Rig, for The World's First Domestic Micro Gas Turbine Combined Heat and Power (CHP) system.

Control System for Micro Turbine Solar Power system


Control System for Micro Turbine Solar Power system

Control System Development and Prototyping.

Technology Development Project, Co-funded by the European Union’s 7th Framework Programme, to demonstrate the use of state-of-the-art concentrated solar power system (CSP) coupled to micro-gas turbines (MGT) to produce electricity in the range of 3-10 kW.


Evoque_e Project JLR

In 2013 a consortium of 12 companies, including Jaguar Land Rover and Cranfield University, won a £16.3m Innovate UK research and development contract to demonstrate state-of-the-art, next-generation hybrid and battery-electric powertrain technologies.  I had the pleasure of working with Amir on this project (titled Evoque_e) where I led one of five work packages, with a budget of over £1m and responsibility for delivering vehicle dynamics and efficiency - activities included novel control algorithm development to maximise regenerative energy recovery whilst optimising multi-machine torque vectoring to deliver On Road Agility and Off Road Capability.

Throughout this two-year project, Amir led the development of our simulation environment (both hardware and software), which was used by the rest of the project team to develop and validate their control algorithms. Amir's development philosophy was both methodical and ordered, taking a structured approach that meant colleagues always had suitable simulation tools available to support their work.  The environment he developed started out as a basic desktop simulation, and evolved greatly in terms of capability and complexity, maturing into a full simulation rig incorporating powered braking, electric power steering and rapid prototyping control hardware.

Amir took real ownership of this facility, and the whole project team were very happy with the results.  Within just 24 months, we created three brand new ‘Concept_e’ vehicles (on different chassis architectures) that went on to form part of JLR’s low and zero emissions future (e.g iPace).  It would not have been possible to achieve this without the excellent facilities that Amir delivered, on time and to the required quality.

Simon Hegarty

Hybrid Controls Strategy Developer, Jaguar Land Rover

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