October 2020


KAN Engineering Ltd is pleased to announce that we are now officially recognised as a UK Zenzic CAM (Connected and Automated Mobility) Creator!

KAN Engineering is recognised as a contributor in shaping the future of Connected and Automated Mobility in the UK Roadmap to 2030; along with over 100 other organisations. The Roadmap is a tool that shows a single vision of interdependencies and addresses developments needed to achieve connected and automated mobility at scale by 2030. Click on the button below to read more on Zenzic's website.

October 2020


Cars enter the Matrix as testing blends the real and virtual - IMechE Engineering News

KAN Engineering got featured in the "Institute of Mechanical Engineering" article as the developer of Millbrook's Simulation Suit.

Dr Amir Soltani, founder and managing director of KAN Engineering, got interviewed about the one of a kind features that Millbrook's vehicle-in-the-loop ecosystem facilities has got to offer.

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September 2020

Millbrook Vehicle-in-the-Loop Simulator

KAN Engineering is very excited to see the outcome of almost one year of intense work, even during the lock down period!

A very unique and comprehensive simulations environment to cover the whole development cycle of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS), Connected and Autonomous Vehicles (CAVs), and conventional vehicles; enabling real vehicles into the virtual world of Millbrook Proving Ground.

Click on the link below to read more on Millbrook's website.

May 2020

Zenzic Featuring Millbrook's Capabilities as a CAM Testbed UK  

KAN Engineering is very proud to have been a part of the Simulation Suit development at Millbrook. Click on the video to watch our contribution on the creation of CAM Testbeds UK!

Thank you to Millbrook for the opportunity.

April 2020

Remote Setup of Simulator Suite at Millbrook Proving Ground

During the development of the Simulation Suit at Millbrook UK test centre, Covid-19 lockdown unexpected hit had us discover new ways of working remotely whilst functioning just the same.

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March 2020


KAN Engineering's Last Day before COVID-19 Lockdown. It's Not a Goodbye, It's a See You Soon!

Due to the outbreak of #COVID-19 pandemic, it is not unknown to anyone that a lot of businesses have been affected by it and we’ve all had to adjust our work style somehow. However, to survive, we must learn how to look at the challenges as opportunities rather than threads!

For a long time we have been thinking about designing a number of educational kits as our new product and now thanks to the #COVID-19 we have a bit of extra time to work on the design and prototyping our new idea. Of course, our facilities are limited at home, but we will make it work, as always.

We will be posting on our social media so follow us to keep updated.

On behalf of KAN Engineering, we would like to wish everyone to be safe.

February 2020


UK Experts Presenting at the UK Technology Conference in Turkey, Istanbul

UK experts from various sectors showcased UK’s excellence in the technology sphere and gave the participants insightful tips for their business plans with the UK.

Dr. Amir Soltani, Founder and Managing Director of KAN Engineering presented his company at UK Technology Conference 2020 in Istanbul.

Many thanks to Department for International Trade (DIT) for providing us this great opportunity.
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January 2020

Cranfield Eagle Lab Celebrating 1st Anniversary

KAN Engineering has been a member of the Cranfield Eagle Lab since 2019. Cranfield Barclays Eagle Lab is an innovation centre jointly supported by Barclays Bank and Cranfield University, to support the future innovators of Bedfordshire.

It has been so fascinating seeing all the member's progress and journey during this first year. Looking forward to celebrate many more years together.

Special thanks to Liz Boadi & Sonia Masih for their kind help and support.

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